Dr. Krishna V. Nadella, Ph.D, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, MicroGREEN Polymers, Inc.

I’ve worked with John for more than a year now and value his ability to quickly grasp the technology behind our processes for engineering microcellular structures, and to clearly explain and discuss the technology.  Most of all, I value his willingness to challenge aspects of our ideas.   By doing so, we can identify intellectual property that represents real value for MicroGREEN and focus our resources on developing and protecting that IP. In addition to his extensive IP knowledge, John is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him as we develop MicroGREEN Polymers Inc. into a global company.”


Greg McKim, Manager, LoanZilla

“We believed in the strength and validity of our trademark, LoanZilla, and didn’t want to get railroaded by Zillow, a huge company that had so far never lost a trademark opposition proceeding. But we also had limited funds and were concerned about what it would cost us to stand our ground.  As a small firm, Janeway Patent Law PLLC understood our situation and was able to provide us with the excellent legal defense we needed to successfully overcome Zillow’s opposition to our registration at a price we could afford.”


Douglas J. WaldronPresident and CEO, Advanced Joining Technologies, Inc.

I’ve known John for three years and consider him a valuable asset to Advanced Joining Technologies, Inc.   In addition to drafting patent applications and helping us develop overall strategies for protecting AJT’s intellectual property, he has been instrumental in negotiating an agreement with a multi-national company regarding IP ownership.  John quickly understood the nuances of our position and refused to compromise under their pressure – ensuring AJT ended up with an agreement we felt good about. John has been great to work with and I look forward to working with him on future projects as they develop.”

Advanced Joining Technologies, Inc., WWW.AJT-INC.COM, provides full service engineering and manufacturing operations, and specializes in, among other things, the revolutionary friction-stir-welding process.


Natalie Angelillo, Co-Owner, Swink LLC  & Jacquie Byrne, Co-Owner, Swink LLC  

John helped us get our trademark, Swink, registered with the U.S. Trademark office.   Along with his expertise, we were impressed by how genuine he is.  He was quick to respond to our emails and phone calls throughout the entire process, and always explained situations and strategies in a clear, concise way that made us feel like we were talking with a close advisor rather than an attorney.  We’re big fans of John!” 

Swink LLC, SWINKSTYLEBAR.COM, provides hair style services and products.


Jim Becker, President becker&mayer! and SmartLab

We have used John’s services for several patent and trademarks. In my mind, the most important aspect of a patent lawyer is getting the broadest protection possible. For several patents, I have been amazed at the broad scope of the claims he has negotiated.  We trust John’s judgment completely and have been thoroughly impressed with the results of all our patent and trademark protection.”


Mike Maloney, Founder Soar Technology Inc.

As a company that specializes in developing products that recover energy normally wasted in water systems, protecting our technology is critical to our success.  We knew we needed a patent attorney who could help us safeguard our technology assets.  But it was also important to us to work with someone who would take the time to understand our business and work as a partner with us.  We found our answer in John Janeway.

For the past seven years, John has worked closely with our company, Soar Technologies Inc., to prepare patent applications on various aspects of our technology, and prosecute these applications into granted patents.   He understands both the science behind SOAR’s technology and the business environment that SOAR operates in.  The patents he has drafted for our company are clear and concise and feature broad claims, enabling me to leverage SOAR’s technology to its maximum potential.”


Dr. Peter Gannon, President of PG Music Inc., Creator of Band-in-a-Box.

PG Music Inc. develops computer software for composing, arranging, performing, recording, and editing music.  Protecting this technology is crucial to PG Music’s success, so I wanted a patent attorney to help me do this.  I found John Janeway and have worked with him for a couple of years now.  I enjoy working with him and have been impressed with his understanding of not only PG Music’s technology but the patenting process and his patent applications.”


Debra Prinzing, Founder and Creative Director, Slowflowers.com

Despite a number of hurdles facing my efforts to obtain the trademark for the myriad activities that fall under the Slow Flowers LLC brand, the team of experts at Janeway Patent Law was undaunted and diligent in handling my trademark application. Ultimately, with their creative thinking and legal knowledge, we succeeded. Now, I am able to confidently protect my “brand” as a speaker, author, and publisher in the floral industry. The services from Janeway Patent Law were thorough and the communications about my case were consistent and responsive. I recommend this firm to anyone in need of trademark counsel.


Doug Kazen, Chairman Board of Directors, Aseptico, Inc.

I have always been impressed by the ability John Janeway has to quickly grasp the details of new technology, as it is presented to him; so that he is able to quickly and intelligently move ahead with his work on the subject.”